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ANSI B1.20.1 - NPS - American National Standard Straight

1 inch = 25.4 mm. TPI - Threads per Inch. B1.20.1 Standard on Pipe Threads, General Purpose, Inch. NPT - American National Standard Taper Pipe Thread. Note that both NPT and NPS have the same thread angle, shape, and pitch (threads per inch). However, NPT threads are tapered and NPS threads are straight (parallel). ANSI B1.20.1 - NPT - American National Standard Taper Pipe Pipe sizes do not refer to any physical dimensions. The outside diameter of a pipe or fitting must be measured and compared to a table for size identification. A 3/4" NPT pipe thread has an outside diameter - OD - of 1.050 inches. Each thread size has a defined number of threads per inch - TPI, or pitch. The 3/4" NPT pipe thread has 14 threads per inch. Both the TPI and OD of the thread are required for positive identification of thread size because more than one size

Basic Dimension of National Standard (NPT) Pipe Threads

3/8 = nominal pipe size 18 = number of threads per inch Tolerances When using L1 gauges to check threads, the thread is within permissible tolerance if the ring gauge face, or plug gauge notch, is +/- 1 turn from being flush with the end of the thread. Engineers Edge SearchPipe Thread Tap and Drill Size Chart ANSI NPT - Engineers Edge The following is a ANSI Standard Pipe Thread Recommended Tap size and Drilled Pilot Hole for Taper Pipe Thread Tap and Drill Size Chart ANSI Manufacturing and Design Data Menu Machinist NPT Thread Chart - AmeswebSee Tap Drill Sizes for NPT Pipe Threads . Note b:Reference dimension. - NPT Thread taper angle = 1/16 taper = 1 deg. 47 min = 0.75 in./ft . - The angle between the sides of the thread is 60 deg. - Thread Designation:The nominal pipe size, number of threads per inch and the thread series symbol in sequence. Ex:3/8 - 18 NPT


Presearch is a decentralized search engine, powered by the community. TAP DRILL SIZES - INCH & METRIC with DRILL SIZE tap/drill sizes cont. pipe thread drilled hole sizes tap size cutting taps tru-flo forming taps inch metric drill size decimal equivalent drill size decimal equivalent 3/4-10 21/32 .6562 45/64 .7031 3/4-16 11/16 .6875 23/32 .7188 m20 x 2.50 17.50mm .6890 m20 x 1.50 18.50mm .7283 m22 x 2.50 19.50mm .7677 m22 x 1.50 20.50mm .8071 7/8-9 49/64 Tapping Drill Sizes Engineering-SuppliesPipe Threads-American Standard:British Standard:Nominal OD:Threads per inch:NPT:NPS:Threads per inch:Drill size:1/16:27:D:1/4:28:G:1/8:27:R:S:28:11/32:1/4:18:7/16:29/64:19:15/32:3/8:18:37/64:19/32:19:39/64:1/2:14:23/32:47/64:14:3/4:5/8---14:53/64:3/4:14:59/64:15/16:14:31/32:7/8---14:1-7/64:1:11.5:1-5/32:1-3/16:11:1-7/32

Understanding pipe threads:types and designations

a soft material onto the external thread, or a flat gasket. SIZES Pipe thread sizes are based on an inside diameter (ID) or flow size. For example, 1/214 NPT identifies a pipe thread with a nominal inside diameter of 1/2 inch and 14 threads to the inch, made according to the NPT standard. If LH is added, the pipeNational Standard Taper Pipe Threads Size NPT Chart The taper rate for all NPT threads is 116 (34 inch per foot) measured by the change of diameter (of the pipe thread) over distance. The angle between the taper and the center axis of the pipe is 1° 47' 24" (1.7899°). Commonly-used sizes are 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2, and 2 inch, appearing on pipes and fittings by most U.S. suppliers.