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(PDF) Tribological properties of steel/TiB2 composites

TiB 2 has been reported to exhibit a melting point of 3 225 8C, low density (4.52 g/cm 3), high hardness (25 GPa-35 GPa) and elastic modulus (> 570 GPa), excellent thermal conductivity Coatings Free Full-Text Effects of TiB2 Particles The effect of TiB2 particles content (1040 wt.%) on the microstructure, mechanical properties and tribological properties of TiB2-reinforced Inconel 718 alloy composite coatings by laser cladding was investigated. From the perspective of solidification thermodynamics and dynamics, when the TiB2 particles content increases from 10 to 30 wt.%, the cooling rate increases for the increase in

Experimental Analysis of Mechanical Properties of

Jul 06, 2016 · The mechanical properties are increased by increasing the weight percentage of reinforcement particles. Keywords:Hybrid metal matrix composite, Aluminium, stir casting method, mechanical properties, Al2O3, B4C, SiC. INTRODUCTION. Aluminium alloys are an important engineering material for mechanical and wear applications. Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Spark Plasma Aug 22, 2017 · The effects of sintering temperature on densification and mechanical properties of composites have been investigated in detail. SiCTiB 2 and SiCTiB 2 TaC composites sintered at 2100°C showed high Vickers hardness value, i.e., 27.20±1.23GPa and 26.40±0.80GPa, respectively, under 1 kgf (9.81N) load. Microstructure, mechanical, and electrical properties of 2 transformed into TiC x with about 17% volume shrinkage; meanwhile, Cu inner-diffused into TiC x, and a direct atomic bond formed between them. Compared to composites prepared by the direct mixing of Cu and TiC particles, this kind of strong interface composite has su-perior mechanical properties due to the interpenetrate structure.

Mechanical and tribological properties of the TiC-TiB 2

Mar 01, 2016 · The erosion mechanism of the TiC-TiB 2 composite coating is ploughing and cutting at low impact angles, but it failure in fatigue cracking and spalling at high impact angles. In the present investigation, TiC-TiB<SUB>2</SUB> composite coating was deposited by electrical discharge hardening onto the surface of 40Cr steel with a TiC-TiB<SUB>2</SUB> composite rod as electrode.