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Mar 13, 2012 · AutoCAD Inventor ::Tube And Pipe Default File Path Structure Oct 19, 2011. How, or if it is possible to change the default file location for a tube and pipe run? I know that you can browse out and modify the file path on your initial save but is there any way to change the default? Example of what the default is:(assembly part number = 123456) ISOGEN Format in Tube and Pipe DesignsWith Autodesk Inventor Tube & Pipe, you can save your run as an ISOGEN .pcf file. The ISOGEN .pcf file is a text file that describes the tube and pipe components to process. With multiple runs selected, you can save each run to an individual file or combine them into a single file. By default, the .pcf file is saved to the current project workspace.

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    1. See full list on augiRandom Stuff:Tube and Ppipe style errorDec 17, 2014 · In my ipart table I have setup ITEM-CODE and ITEM_Description columns that I have used in the tube and pipe authoring dialog. The only column that needs to be on the ipart table is ND (nominal diameter) that I use as key when publishing to content center and that Inventor uses in the tube and pipe style setup. Random Stuff:Defer Tube and Pipe UpdatesNov 20, 2015 · No change of icons, they still are red lightning bolt, and the Defer all Tube & Pipe Updates is still marked on the T&P. First thought was to make a new TP asm and recreate the structure of all the Runs which will take a while because they are only 24 if you recall so I Tube and pipe fundamentals - AutodeskAutodesk Inventor Tube & Pipe is an add-in to the assembly environment. It adds design tools for routing rigid pipes, bent tubes, and flexible hoses to mechanical assemblies or product designs in the assembly environment. You must have access to the tube and pipe library in Content Center before you use Tube & Pipe.

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      The Create Harness window appears with Harness Assembly File Name and Harness Assembly File Location fields populated. The file location is set to default Windchill workspace. The Harness part and assembly number is auto-generated by default. The Harness part gets an incremental number as shown in the following images. Working With Autodesk Inventor Tube And Pipe Module In The Create Tube & Pipe Run window opens with the Tube & Pipe Runs File Name and Run File Name fields populated and location for both set to default Windchill workspace. If the Windchill Workgroup Manager is connected to Autodesk Inventor , the Tube & Pipe Runs File Name and Run File Name are named as per the following rules:File naming in Tube and Pipe Inventor Autodesk Aug 26, 2014 · By default, tube and pipe files use the following naming convention to store in your project workspace. Tube and pipe runs assembly:<top_assembly>.Tube and Pipe Runs.iam. Runs:<top_assembly>.Run<n>.iam. Routes:<top_assembly>.Route<n>.ipt. Flexible hose assemblies:<top_assembly>.Hose<n>.iam.