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2B vs. No. 4 Stainless Steel Finish All Metals Fabrication

Nov 24, 2015 · Stainless steel with a No. 4 finish is attained by mechanically polishing the metal with fine abrasives belts to remove minimal amounts of metal from the surface. The resulting appearance has short, parallel lines for a linear effect. A Guide to Stainless Steel Finishes

  • No. 1 Finish. No. 1 finishes require hot rolling to achieve their desired effect. It requires very little No. 2B Matte Finish. No. 2B is one of the most common stainless steel finishes used today. Its a No. 3 Brushed Finish. No. 3 finishes are a 120-grit option. They obtain a 120-grit abrasive through a No. 4 Brushed Finish. Like No. 3 finishes, No. 4 finishes are also characterized by short, uniform No. 7 Finish. No. 7 finishes are defined by their high reflection and mirror-like appearance. To reach No. 8 Mirror Finish. Like No. 7 finishes, No. 8 finishes are also defined by their high reflection and Bright Annealed (BA) and Temper Rolled (TR) Last in this guide to stainless steel finishes are China No.4 Grinding/Polishing Machine for Stainless Steel The Machine is designed to get Finishing No.3 (Coarse Finishing, Abrasive Grain From G60 to G150) or No.4 (Fine Finishing, Most Popular, abrasive grain from G180 Or above) and HL Finishing (Hairline Finishing, Characterized by Smooth and long line).

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    1) Multi head brushing station, "all in one line " equipment with No.4-No.6 , Scotch-Brite , Hairline finish 2) Control by PLC complete with touch screen 3) Most of the inside construction is made of tempered stainless steel 4) Horizontal axis rotating and oscillating system 5) Soft, bright and homogeneous surface appearance Guide to Stainless Steel Finishesstainless steel; an ideal surface for active pede-strian areas. Stainless steels are a family of materials with a unique set of properties. Protected by a chromium oxide film at the surface which is formed by a reaction of the chromium in the steel and the oxygen in the atmosphere, stainless steels require no added surface protection against Stainless Steel - General Information - Surface Finishes A semi-dull finish with a uniform grain generally applied to the supplied surface of the mill finish stainless steel. No pre-grinding is involved, so only the smoother mill finishes such as 2A or 2B can be used. This finish is obtained using a bristle type brush or fine abrasives.

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    No.4 finish; The basic sheet selection is to be of 2B or BA sheet and should be preferably polished with 150#,180# abrasive belt. The application verticals of this finish to name a few are in cookware, furniture, elevator, architectural decoration, revolving door, exterior decoration etc.Matte, No. 4 Finish Stainless Steel Sheets16 rows · No. 4 finish is less reflective than 2B stainless steel finish, but has an appealing