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Choose from Australian steel sections, UNIVERSAL BEAMS, PARALLEL FLANGE CHANNEL, UNIVERSAL COLUMNS, and Z/C PURLINS. Also the beam deflection of RHS can be found. The material type is limited to steel (Modulus of Elasticity 210 000 MPa), wood, and aluminium. All input values must be metric. C Section Flooring - All your steel solutions under one C Section Flooring. This system offers a reduced height (240mm max) because the bearers and joists are custom cut to suit. This system uses adjustable galvanised stumps. Bearers and joists are custom cut to suit. All sections are manufactured from galvanised Z350-G450 hi-tensile steel. Flooring systems can be screwed together or welded on site.

C Section Load Tables Albion Sections

C section floor beams Load Tables. C section load tables are available to British Standards (B55950 Part 5) or to Eurocodes. Please do not hesitate to contact Albion Technical if C Sections - Ayrshire Metals LTD Cold Rolled SteelC Sections Ayrshire Metals Ltd are Britains leading manufacturer of cold rolled steel profiles. With over fifty years experience and some of the most advanced production facilities, Ayrshire provide expert technical and manufacturing assistance to suit individual customer needs. METROLL PURLIN DESIGN GUIDE & CAPACITY TABLESa standard C section in place of a fascia purlin in fascia applications. The C section can be supplied as a standard configuration or with the top flange bent to suit the roof slope. 20 95 30 d c a b Variable Angle 18 x 22 Holes 34 x 10 Recess Upturned Lip Z SECTIONS STANDARD Z The following diagrams and tables illustrate the sizes and


For a steel sheet roof in high wind load areas refer to the table on page 21. Example:Refer to Fig. page 12 Lintel Span=4.6m, Load width=A /(2B) =3.9 /(2x3.0) =2.5m Use a load width of 3.0 in the adjacent table a 150UB14.0 will span 4.6m and requires a M10 anchor rod. Scott Metals - Products:Purlins:Steel Supplies, Steel C and Z Galvanised Steel Purlins. PURLINS, both C and Z, are available in various sizes rolled to any length. They can be ordered plain or with Holes pre-punched, as per standard end punchings ( shown below) or punched to any layout required. The standard maximum length for Standard Purlins & Girts from MetrollC Section purlins are generally roll formed from GALVASPAN® steel. Metroll C Section purlins are recommended for simple, non-continuous span construction. Structural applications include portal frames, roofing, single bay buildings, wall cladding and flooring systems. These can also be used on multi bay buildings in lines of simple spanning purlins and girts. Sizes:C10010 C40030. Z Section Purlins

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We recommend this is usually span/200, however, some engineers recommend span/250. Thats all the information we need. Now you just have to press the Run Calculation button and your PDF report will appear in seconds. cold rolled products technical manual - Hi-SpanDim c Spans up to 9.5m (single span) Purlin Overhang C of Rafters Purlin Length 70 32 70Dim X Dim X3 2 L C of RaftersL Dim b Dim r Dim c Spans up to 7.5m (single span) 32 Dim X 70 Dim X 32 Sleeve Required At Heavier Gauge Section & Sleeve in End Bay every joint Heavier Gauge Section & Sleeve in End Bay Heavier Gauge Section & Sleeve in End BayBOXSPAN RESIDENTIAL SPAN TABLESfrom two interlocked C shaped sections of high tensile, zinc coated steel, which provide a rectangular profile resembling traditional timber. Unlike timber, the high-tensile steel and hollow section produces a strong and long spanning beam, which will not twist or sag