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Designed for operating under pressure. Suitable to work for Pressure Pump based water supply; Ideal for Jet Shower/Jacuzzi based bathing suite; Working Pressure- 2.5 kg/cm 2 with Pressure Release and air Release safety valves. Available in Flat Plate Technology based Solar Water Heater Cyprus sun and fireplace heating - P.T. Thermaco solar Ltd.240 lt hot water storage tank of prime quality stainless steel 9 bar. 24 vacuum tubes of high performance, 58mm diameter free of corrosion and water stone. Closed system tube collectors. electric element of 4 kw; 250 lt high pressure hot water storage tank of prime quality stainless steel. 25 Heat pipe tube collector 58mm diameter free

Direct System 200lt - Frost & Frost Free - w/ 20 Tubes

Inland and Coastal Areas This direct system can be used in frost and frost-free locations and where the water quality is good (less than 600ppm Total Dissolved Solids/Minerals). The direct system, is where the water to be used in the household (hot water) circulates through the solar vacuum tubes manifold, transferring solar energy into the storage tank of the solar water heater. Duda Solar Water Heating Systemstank explosion and damage to the solar system. Water Quality Water needs to be added to propylene glycol for the working fluid of the system. It is recommended that distilled water be used to help prevent corrosion to the plumbing and system parts and to also ensure efficient heat transfer. The water quality must meet the following requirements: ELECTRIC GEYSERS SupremesolarPressurized to withstand pressure of upto 8Kg/cm2 Stainless steel heating elements with enamel coating. ABS Polymer outer tank. Hard water protection. Thermostat Cutoff:Specifications:Volume(L) 25. Power(kW) 2. Voltage/ Frequency(V/Hz) 230/50. Temperature (°C) 25-75. Rated Water Pressure(KG/cm2) 6 & 8:Catalogue:View

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High pressure Solar Energy water heating System solar hot storage tank collector compact pressurized solar water heater Features :1.It can withstand pressure of tap water when it works 2.There is no need to wait 3.Completely automatic operation 4.Drinking water quality to promote life quality Solar Water Heater Raw Materials - Professional Solar Product name:Solar Water Heaters Raw Material:Item number:JB-RMA:Apply to:All Types Solar Water heater:Material:Copper, 304/304L/316 Stainless Steel Solar Water HeaterWe believed in providing efficient service with authentic knowledge. Since 2012 we started Sun-solar Energy System to provide service in the field of Sun-solar Products, as this was one of the less promoted Industrial Areas. We have about 1 years experience in field of manufacturing of Solar water heating

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High Quality Galvanized steel Compact Non-pressurized Glass Tube Solar Hot Water Heater. $120.00 - $130.00 / Set. 5 Years Warranty Best Price Easy Using Flat Plate Solar Water Heater. $200.00 - $5,000.00 / Set. China Manufacturer Stainless Steel Electric Heater Pressure Solar Water Heater. $200.00 - $5,000.00 / Set. 1 Set UltraSun 150L Direct Solar Hot Water SystemHeavy duty stainless steel AISI 304 tank complete with 2kw electric heater, thermostat and a sacrificial anode to protect against corrosion; Ultra high efficiency solar collectors incorporating capillary copper pipes ultrasonically welded on a black chrome backplate covered by high transmittance glass Insulated copper pipe for hot water complete with necessary compression fittings, pressure WARRANTY BOOKLET - Heating, Cooling & Hot Water Rinnai Commercial Use warranty applies to:1. Water heater(s) supplying central shower blocks. 2. Water heater(s) supplying kitchens used for the bulk preparation of food. 3. Water heater(s) delivery temperatures pre-set to exceed 70°C 4. Water heater(s) used in commercial or industrial heating

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China unpressurized stainless steel solar water heater catalog of Stainless Steel Low Pressure Solar Water Heater, Domestic Solar Hot Water Heater (8 tubes to 40) provided by China manufacturer - Changzhou Forte Power Machinery Co., Ltd., page1.Solar Water Heaters ESCOOOur solar water heater products. We can supply both stainless steel and glass lined enamelled water heaters with good quality and competitive prices.variety of solar water heaters, we can supply evacuated vacuum tube water heater and flat plate water heater and vertical storage hot water tanks and energy saving heating systems and various solar hot water heater accessories.For electric water