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Approvazione NORSOK 27-4-18 (scad. 26-4-23)

NORSOK standard M-650 QTR Qualification Test Record NORSOK M-650 Metalfar Prodotti Industriali Spa Cesana Brianza Italy Tel. 031-655441- Fax 031-655149 Quality.mff farmas NORSOK M-650 rev. 4 ASTM A 182 F51/F60- MDS D44 rev.5 MS 01/2018 Forged flanges from 1/2" TO 12" 1500 Lbs Forged flanges from 1/2" TO 16" 600 Lbs MATERIAL DATA SHEET MDS T01 Rev. 4 - J.S.CNORSOK standard M-630 Edition 5, September 2010 NORSOK standard Page 92 of 133 MATERIAL DATA SHEET MDS T01 Rev. 4 TYPE OF MATERIAL:ium Grade 2 PRODUCT STANDARD GRADE ACCEPT. CLASS SUPPL. REQ. Seamless pipes Welded pipes Wrought fittings Forgings Plates Bars Tubes ASTM B 861 ASTM B 862 ASTM B 363 ASTM B 381 ASTM B 265 ASTM B 348

Material Data Sheets for the Construction of Piping

Association) and TBL (Federation of Norwegian Manufacturing Industries). NORSOK standards are administered and published by NTS (Norwegian Technology Centre). Introduction This revision replace NORSOK standard M-630 rev 2, and the changes from rev. 2 to rev. 3 are only inclusion of 7 new MDS under material type P, Polymers including fibre reinforced. Material data sheets and element data sheets for pipingNORSOK M-601, Welding and inspection of piping ISO 15156-2, Petroleum and natural gas industries Materials for use in H 2 S-containing environments in oil and gas production Part 2:Cracking-resistant carbon and low alloy steels, and the use of cast irons NORSOK M630, M650 - Rolled Alloys, Inc.Two NORSOK standards that are often referenced are M650, Qualification of Manufacturers of Special Materials and M630, Material Data Sheets and Element Data Sheets for Piping. M650 is a specification that establishes a very detailed process for obtaining approval as a manufacturer.

NORSOK Standard M-650 Edition 4 Qualification of

NORSOK standard M-650 may also be used for the qualification of manufacturers of various materials, product forms and manufacturing processes according to other specifications or standards when specified by the Purchaser. NORSOK standards standard.noThe NORSOK standards are developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry to ensure adequate safety, value adding and cost effectiveness for petroleum industry developments and operations. Furthermore, NORSOK standards are as far as possible intended to replace oil company specifications and serve as references in the authorities regulations. PRODUCT STANDARD GRADE - Norsk StålNORSOK standard M-120 Edition 5, November 2008 MATERIAL DATA SHEET MDS - Y05 Rev. 3 June 2007 TYPE OF MATERIAL:Structural steel PRODUCT STANDARD GRADE EN 10025 S355J2 S355K2 Plates EN 10025 S355J2 S355K2 Sections SCOPE This MDS specifies the selected options in the referred standard and modified

Product Data Sheet:Roxar High Pressure Plugs

Certificates:EN 10204 type 3.1, MDS-NORSOK MDS S01, NACE=yes, material UNS S31603 A479 ROX000283695 Hollow plug nut DUP6C Certificates:EN 10204 type 3.1, MDS-NORSOK MDS D47, NACE-yes, material UNS S31803 A479 ROX000283700 Sealing plug for reinforced plugs 316L6C Certificates:EN 10204 type 3.1, MDS-NORSOK MDS S01, material UNS S31603 A479 Qualification Test Record ( QTR ) NORSOK M-650and MDS No.:ASTM A479 - UNS S32750 NORSOK M-630, Ed. 6, MDS D57 rev. 5 Manufacturing summary doc. No.:PQ_x_NORSOK_Ed.10 (Ref. MS10) Rev. No. 2 Products and manufacturing process(es):Machined round bars up to 250mm or black bars up to 265mm. Ingot casting + hot forging + Solution Annealing Mandatory conditions SDX NORSOK - BumaxNORSOK accredited BUMAX are accredited according to NORSOK M-650, NORSOK M-630 MDS D60 and listed as an approved manufacturer on STATOIL TR2000. BUMAX SDX NORSOK can be offered in Super Duplex grades UNS S32750 and UNS S32760 for all types of fastener up to 1½.


NORSOK standard M-630 Edition 5, September 2010 NORSOK standard Page 33 of 133 MATERIAL DATA SHEET MDS D46 Rev. 4 TYPE OF MATERIAL:Ferritic / Austenitic Stainless Steel, Type 22Cr duplex PRODUCT STANDARD GRADE ACCEPT. CLASS SUPPL. REQ. Castings ASTM A 995 4A (UNS J92205) - S6, S8, S20 Page 1 of 2 1.