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Special attention is paid to bisyllabic hypocoristics which display 'consonant harmony', i.e. whose syllable onsets have identical consonants or consonants with the same place of articulation. .45 Colt Rifles Henry Repeating Arms Henry Repeating We know very well that no two people agree on the ideal rifle, so we not only give you your choice of Big Boy calibers in .357 Mag/.38 Special, .44 Mag/.44 Special, and .45 Colt, but you can also choose between either a standard 20 barrel and lever, or a compact 16.5 barrel fitted with a large-loop lever for cold-weather gloved use (or

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type b thread swivels for spl 10 63 b/g/o 28-29 splhc 16 63 b spul 16 63 g 30 sb 10 50 s stc 10 50 s 31 spb 10 50 s sptc 10 50 s 32 splhcb 16 50 s 33 lsp 16 32 b ultimate tensile strength (n) abrasion resistance uv resistance (see page 45) type temperature range (°c) 66 = al a/c90/fl90+flc90/45/y b/g Adaptaflex - Type LFH-SPTranslate this pagetype splhc - , . type spul - . Adaptaflex Catalogue - Metallic Systems Pages - manualzzAflexNEWCatMetallic P48-65 SW_AflexNEWCatMetallic.qxd 05/04/2012 17:35 Page 1 Automation Commercial Contracting Type SPLHCB Liquid Tight Extreme Temperature Conduit Type SPTC Liquid Resistant Tinned Copper Braided Conduit Type SPB Liquid Resistant Braided Conduit Type SSBGS Stainless Stell Braided Steel Conduit Type SSB Stainless Steel Braided Conduit Type SB Steel Braided Conduit Type SPLHC

Adaptaflex SPLHC25/25M :Conduit, Type SPLHC Flexible LT

View trade pricing and product data for Adaptaflex, SPLHC25/25M Conduit, Type SPLHC Flexible LT, IP67, Metallic Systems, Conduit Type SPLHC (29603). Brand Adaptasteel Metallic Connectors - CSE DistributorsAdaptasteel Liquid Tight. Type :45 SPL, SPLHC and SPUL. 45 degree elbow with fixed thread. Material :nickel plated brass. Type :A SPL, SPLHC and SPUL. Straight fitting with fixed external thread. Suitable for insertion into knockouts using a locknut. Material :Nickel plated brass. IP rating : Technical Data Sheet Metallic Systems - ABBType SPL, SPL-EF, SPLHC & SPUL Degree of protection Degree of mechanical protection Approvals and Standards Type of material For use with - Conduit series Image SPL40/E 45.0 8.0 26.0 32.7 40mm SPL50/E 51.4 8.0 30.0 37.7 50mm SPL63/E 62.8 12.0 36.0 49.0 63mm. Page 3 Cable Management Products Ltd.

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SPL Fitting Type A. Testing data. Click or see page . 4 Conforms to . Technical Characteristics. BSI Kitemark KM-35161 CE mark to the Low Voltage Directive . Inherent Low Fire Hazard. IP67 - with all liquid tight conduit in the series. Very High . Nickel Plated Brass, Co-Polyester seal - Nylon inserts. Type . SPL, SPL-EF, SPLHC & SPUL Degree of Type M Straight fitting - ABBSuitable for conduit type : Type SPL, SPL-EF, SPLHC & SPUL Material: Nickel Plated Brass Co-Polyester seal Nylon inserts UV Resistance: Very high Environmental ratings Temperature range: Static applications:-65 oC to +150oC (-85oF to +302oF) Moving applications:-45 oC to +150oC (-49oF to +302oF) Ingress protection: Type SPLHC metallic conduit - Metallic conduits (Flexible Type SPLHC Liquid Tight Extreme Temperature Covered Steel Flexible Conduit. Galvanized steel core string packed; High temperature thermoplastic rubber Jacket - Highly flexible even at sub-zero temperatures; Temperature range - Static Applications:-65ºC to +135ºC Temperature range - Dynamic Applications:-45ºC to +150ºC; Chemically resistant

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type fl/a & fl/45 - ip66 panel mounting swivel flange, with integral face seal for straight (a) and 45° elbows, spl 10 63 b/g/o 28-29 splhc 16 63 b spul 16 63 g 30 sb 10 50 s stc 10 50 s 31 spb 10 50 s sptc 10 50 s 32 splhcb 16 50 s 33 lsp 16 32 b b = black g = grey n = nickel plate o = orange s = self non-metallic systemsPRFS21 16.6 45 50 PRCS21 14.7 45 50 PRCS28 21.7 50 50 PRCS34 27.7 60 50 PRCS42 35.1 65 25 PRCS54 46.6 75 25 TYPE PA STANDARD WEIGHT Black (BL) and Grey (GR). TYPE PA HEAVY WEIGHT Black (BL) and Grey (GR). TYPE PR STANDARD WEIGHT Black (BL) and Grey (GR). FROM ADAPTAFLEX Type PA Metallic fittings - Flexible Metallic Conduit Systems Fittings for SPL, SPLHC, SPUL, SPL-EF & LFH-SPL Conduits. Fittings for SB, STC, SSB & SSBGS Conduits. Fittings for SPB, SPTC & SPLHCB Conduits. Type 45 - Adaptasteel 45º Elbow - Fixed External Male Thread Close Type A - Adaptasteel Straight Fitting - Fixed External Male Thread