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Fatigue life changing in rolled carbon steel after plasma

In this work we present results concerning the fatigue, tensile and hardness behavior of plasma nitrided, nitrocarburized and nitrocarburized plus post-oxidized AISI 1010 mild steel, conducted in short treatment cycles, under 1 h. Samples, treated at different temperatures, times, and gas concentrations, were investigated. 2. Improving by postoxidation of corrosion resistance of Dec 16, 2016 · The specimens which were nitrocarburized in ferritic and austenitic temperatures in the plasma were subjected to postoxidation treatment with same experimental methods in two phases:The first one was in only oxygen environment (PO1) at the beginning and later with the usage of H 2 and O 2 in equal amounts via using the same plasma device (Table 3).At the end of the experiment,

Low Temperature Fluidized Bed Nitriding of Austenitic

Plasma Post Oxidation of Nitrocarburized S45C Steel p.103 Surface Hardening Treatment in Use of CO Gas and Post-Heat Treatment in C.P. ium and ium Alloys NITREG TECHNOLOGIES - NitrexTHINK NITREG® WHEN WEAR, FATIGUE & CORROSION MATTER. NITREG® is a brand of potential-controlled gas nitriding and nitrocarburizing technologies used exclusively in Nitrex furnaces. These ecological and proven technologies enable the creation of individually customized recipes for different parts, applications, steels, and final requirements that deliver improved part performance and service Plasma Post Oxidation of Plasma Nitrocarburized SKD 61 SteelPlasma nitrocarburising and plasma post oxidation were performed to improve the wear and corrosion resistance of S45C and SCM440 steel by a plasma ion nitriding system.

The Characteristics of the Oxide Layer Produced on the

Plasma nitrocarburising and post oxidation were performed on SCM435 steel by a pulsed plasma ion nitriding system. Plasma oxidation resulted in the formation of a very thin ferritic oxide layer 1-2 thick on top of a 1525 -F (N,C) nitrocarburized compound layer. The growth rate of oxide layer increased with the treatment temperature and time.Plasma Post Oxidation of Nitrocarburized S45C Steel Plasma nitrocarburizing and plasma oxidizing treatments were performed to improve the wear and corrosion resistance of S45C steel. Plasma nitrocarburizing was conducted for 3h at 570°C in the nitrogen, hydrogen and methane atmosphere to produce the -Fe2-3(N,C) phase.